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Rent a car with driver

Rent a car with a driver - one of the most popular services on the car rental. This is not only a good way to travel in the modern metropolis, enabling the implementation of all planned business trips, but also an opportunity to show their high status.

Short-term car rental with driver

Rent a car with a driver makes a customer free of many conditions: employment taxi fault of its own car, the lack of gasoline. There is no need to control one's truck and search for the best route, avoiding traffic jams. Experienced drivers are well aware of our company city highways congestion during peak hours and the condition of roads and. They are easy to find with a professional is the best way and in the shortest possible time to take clients to the destination.

Rent a car with a driver for guests

Rent a car with a driver - services that are in greatest demand among visitors to the city, as well as corporate clients. If you come to Kiev for a few days on business matters or to take a break, and possibly to combine both options, the car rental service with driver for the period of stay in the city - the safest, most effective and convenient way to address the issues of movement. Our company guarantees the highest level of service, professionalism and responsible attitude of its staff and technical serviceability of vehicles. We can meet you at the station or at the airport, take you to the hotel, restaurant, help run the business and festive program of the visit to our city.

If you plan to show guests sights, then rent a car with a driver - the best option for a pleasant and comfortable viewing of memorable places. You will not only enjoy the beauty of our city from a car window, but a walk in the favorite places for unlimited time - a car with a driver will wait as long as you want.

Rent a car with a driver for corporate clients

This type of car rental with driver - the optimal solution for the perfect organization of the work. Most organizations do not benefit from having their own truck fleet. But the modern business involves dynamic movements, negotiation, visits to formal institutions. When renting a car with a driver organization can significantly reduce the cost of transport services.