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Rent a car for one day

The world has praised the popularity and benefits of renting a car. Kiyani has long been successfully used various types of rental cars. They are in demand at the expense of comfort, convenience and favorable conditions. Many of us are faced with a situation where upon arrival in another city became necessary in the car because public transport to travel a long and uncomfortable, but always use a taxi - too expensive. Or such negotiations are scheduled with a business partner, and the car is not suitable for business meetings. Buying a representative car for one or two trips a completely impractical, especially since such machines require and related services. Cars need us and for special occasions, and for travel with family and friends on the nature. In cases where a car is needed for a short period, the optimal solution will rent a car for one day.

Guaranteed quality of service

Carport of our company offers a wide line of economy cars, comfort, business and executive class. Our collection includes models of the last generation of leaders in the global automotive industry as, Toyota, Mercedes, Hyundai, Volswagen, BMW, Range Rover and others. All the cars in front of the rental undergo a thorough technical inspection for compliance with the safety requirements. Our machines have an attractive appearance and comfortable interior arrangement. All are equipped with power steering, central locking, airbags and ABS, air conditioning and a radio.

Tariffs on car rental for a day

We can pre-book the car needed by it in accordance with their needs, preferences and financial capabilities of the directory represented by the company's website or by calling our manager on the phone and drove up to the office. Fees for rental vary according to the class of vehicle and the lease term. But even when renting a car for just a day, you will appreciate the quality of our services. We will be happy to assist you in the preparation of the wedding entourage, the organization of business meetings and shuttle guests to the airport or train station, in the conduct of a romantic date or a corporate party.