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Conditions of car rental

Today, there are many companies that provide car rental and each company has its individual terms of the lease car. However, they are all similar and partly from all the rules, you can select something "average."

So, what are the main terms of the contract to lease a car? Let's start with one of the most important aspects - age. Each company believes that the car park of her can control the person responsible and relatively experienced. Therefore, the lower age limit is, on average, 21-25 years. Just demand, is not it? No company will entrust the car 18 year old youngster, who just got the rights. Of course, there are exceptions, when the 18 year old lad is absolutely serious and financially independent. In other cases, these young people are inexperienced and are not serious. By the way, about the experience!

The second condition is the driving experience. The average for this condition is 1-3 years experience. And it is no wonder! What sane person or organization entrust car inexperienced sluts? Of course, age plays an important role. But will it be a responsible driver 25 year old guy who just got his license? The answer is obvious. These two conditions as the company tries to protect itself from accidents involving vehicles from their fleet. Of course, there are many insurance points that simplify these financial aspects. But no insurance will not pay for any time or effort.

The next prerequisite is collateral. Yes, the same insurance financial contribution, which you all so scary! Many somehow mistakenly believe that the key should be unthinkable sum, almost cost of the car. Come on! The amount of bail ranging, on average, 300 to $ 1000, depending on the type and class of car. So, for the use of domestic cars, or budget Dewoo you will leave 300 - $ 350 collateral. If you take the representational car business class comfort which can envy even luxury apartments, you need to leave about $ 1000.

Of course, the question arises, why do we need bail if there are a lot of insurances, which include almost all the cases in life. The answer is as obvious as the question. Insurance include cases with incidents, even if you are guilty, cases with a natural storm, when suddenly the car will fall or even a tree branch. But almost no insurance company will not assume responsibility for the sloppy operation. So, collateral - a guarantee that if you scratch a car, something broke in the cabin or sleeping grip, you can compensate for this. In other words: the guarantee - guarantee your ability to pay.

So if you already have 21 years, you know how to operate the car and it can reinforce the rights and pledge - safely in a taxi pool, you have nothing to fear!