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Car classification

Hello dear friends! Today I want to tell you about the classification of vehicles according to international standard. Due to the fact that the world's largest car rental companies have an infinite number of cars in their fleet, they can not provide a complete list of cars. In this regard, developed an international classification of vehicles, which consists of four-letter designations. Such a designation used by all major international companies, except Avis. It uses a one-letter designation, in which each letter defines a class of car, but that we also consider.

In those years, when the production and use of cars is rapidly beginning to fly up, companies such as Hertz, Europcar, Sixt, and so we developed the four-vehicle designation, for a quick and high-quality customer service.
The first letter indicates a four-letter what class owns a car:

Hence, if you need a car of economy class, the first letter in its designation is "E"
The second letter in the designation determines the type of car body:

So, if you need a car of economy class with 4 doors, its designation will begin on ED.
The third letter in the four-designation indicates the type of transmission in a car.
"M" denotes a car with a manual transmission, and the letter "A" with an automatic.
The last letter indicates the presence of air conditioning in the car. «R» - is, «N» - no.
Let's look at a couple of examples to fix:
SDAR - 4-door car with an automatic transmission, the gear-class standard with air conditioning.
LJMR - luxury SUV with a manual transmission and air conditioning.

The company Avis also use a single letter for the classification of cars:

Now that you know how cars are classified for distribution in Europe, you can safely take a car, without fear that the car will not meet your requirements.