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SV CAR car rental company offers you a unique service - car convertibles. With this kind of car is working very small number of companies, although demand for rental convertibles have the time. 

These machines feature a unique design, excellent technical features and great looks. A passing convertible always makes look not only passers-by, but also the drivers. After all convertible for our country - it's more like a luxury than a means of transportation. But each of us sooner or later have to ride on a gig, it's an unforgettable experience! 

Rent a convertible - a great way to decorate any wedding, bachelorette party or just a good day. In sunny weather, dust instead of salon you will breathe fresh air. And even in the coldest time of the year thanks to the ergonomic design of the head wind will not blow in the face. 

Convertible - a true pleasure quality, luxury and comfort. This machine is perfect for a sightseeing tour of the city. After all, your vision will not interfere with the roof! 

Do you want to give your girlfriend a memorable date? Rent a convertible and take sovmesnogo trip through the city. What girl could resist? 

Rent a convertible - a unique opportunity to create a holiday soul. Treat yourself to a luxurious ride in a comfortable and luxurious cars. 

Love poganyat at high speed? Then convertible - this is for you! These machines feature high power and speed, and the unique design allows the car to move smoothly and quickly. And music from all sides will give you the drive and vivid emotions! 

Convertible - a car for those who like to enjoy life, to get new experience and discover the world. And the prices for hire gigs - it's a nice addition to all the other pluses of this car. 

Enjoy the luxury and comfort, do not deny yourself the pleasure to stand out!...

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Volkswagen EOS

  • Number of seats: 4
  • Engine capacity: 2,5
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Type of fuel: A-95
  • Air conditioning: Yes

Deposit: 1500$

  • Cost:
  • 1-4 days 180$/day
  • 5-14 days 160$/day
  • 15-30 days 145$/day
  • More 30 days 130$/day


Peugeot 206 cc

  • Number of seats: 4
  • Engine capacity: 1,6
  • Transmission: Автомат
  • Type of fuel: A-95
  • Air conditioning: Yes

Deposit: 500$

  • Cost:
  • 1-4 days 59$/day
  • 5-14 days 53$/day
  • 15-30 days 49$/day
  • More 30 days 45$/day
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